About Us

Chocolate Dope Apparel became a soulful journey in November, 2017, originating from the state of Wisconsin. A dream given birth to by two passionate rappers, forging a path of identity for those who love both the dope and hip-hop culture. Then, it grew beyond passion to conscious effort to build a brand that would become a culture on its own, that led to an advancement in ownership.

2019 came with a fresh start, as rapper Teyun Mellow-G Calvert and myself (Reginald P-nice Parham), gave the brand a new look and definition. We both were deep in the rap game independently, and on our second run for a deal, it happened I had a clothing brand called Rdd Collection and felt like just another rapper with a clothing brand. But it was more than that. 

We came to realize marijuana was becoming legal and decided to a part of the movement, to be a part of the culture of a new future; dope freedom. Therefore, we left Milwaukee for Denver Colorado, where we launched the brand and established a solid foundation for its identity.

Teyun has always been in the story from day one, that he later became the first investor to help expand the roots of Chocolate Dope Apparel, and also picked up the role of a co-founder.

It became more important to spread the gospel, so I stayed back at Denver Colorado, and Teyun went back to Milwaukee to hold things down, life happened; we met challenges, then I headed to Portland Oregon, a place met open arms of those who had been waiting for such movement to erupt, and the story lives on!

Today, we have diverse collections that range from street fashion with intriguing colors, to hip-hop culture, that both male and female can always update their wardrobes with.

We are glad to have you join us on this journey! Check out our stocks and see how much of your interests we have imbibed in our culture as a soulful brand.