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Chocolate Dope Apparel: Wear The Soul In Your Dope

Updated: Nov 8, 2017

Launching A Clothing Line That Speaks Volume

The idea of having a clothing line is never enough if only the purpose is to make sales and smile to the bank. It becomes more interesting when the reason behind owning an apparel industry is based on the love for people of the same interest; and it gets more intriguing when the idea emanates from something natural, something that signifies freedom of the human mind and connects the soul to the future; dope.

Chocolate Dope Apparel clothing line is a dope paraphernalia that comes from the abundance of thoughts of making something different out of the stigma placed on the nature of marijuana which serves as life savers for many.

The website ( HYPERLINK "", which is stipulated to launch alongside the sales of different collections of apparel on November 8, 2017 would be backed with the fulfilment of the company’s promise to the first 100 subscribers on their website to sell at a 50% discount to the early birds on their first purchases.

Representing the dope community has grown past taking pictures in parties or showing off the puffs in a music video or hangouts, it has become a call to showing your identity with the cutest clothing line that has decided to break the silence of such representation.

During an interview with one of the leading minds at Chocolate Dope Apparel, Reginald P-Nice Parham, the Co-Founder/Marketing Manager, he said “I realized that people smoke a lot of weed and thought it would be cool to mix hip hop fashion with the weed,” hence; the reason for the choice of debut collections that come with exclusive Tank tops, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Crop tops, Black or White Hoodies, Rollin Trays and Sweat Suits, all available for everyone’s means of identification.

Chocolate Dope Apparel, based in Wisconsin, one of the states currently denied the legalization of cannabis, has shown a deep support in the struggle for freedom to treat dope takers as any other alcoholics out there. Mary McComb, one of Wisconsin’s City Council member “In my mind, it’s lіke punishing people for havіng a gіn and tonic, we’re in a different world now. Let’s get with the program,” she opined.

Reginald further expressed his plight towards the legalization bill that is being delayed by Wisconsin’s state legislature amidst her neighboring states like Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota, that have been able

In the same vein, State Representative Melіssa Sargent (D-Madison) announced LRB-2457, legislation to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin, in July at the State Capitol. She spoke on the economic importance of this action when she referenced a state benefitting from such. "In Colorado, legalіzіng marijuana generated $2.4 billion іn economic activity and created more than 18,000 new jobs іn a single year alone. This bill is so much more than legalizing marijuana—it’s about legalіzіng opportunity and prosperity," Sargent said.

Chocolate Dope Apparel in this light, is not just launching a clothing line, it is laying a legacy that provides jobs and affects the economy positively and also giving many people opportunities to stand (by wearing these apparels) with those suffering from health issues that cannabis can solve but being denied of its use in Wisconsin, US and beyond.

Go out there on November 8, 2017 and showcase your identity with the clothing line that brands you with a soulful difference. Just log on to HYPERLINK "" and you are there!

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