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Dope Sells Itself: Chocolate Dope Apparel Expands to Portland Oregon

Following a launch that could be tagged a giant stride in the struggle for legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin, November, 2017, Chocolate Dope Apparel, has moved on from being a brand based in a single location to one with its collections in different stores in the United States.

An expansion underlined by rebranding, recreating the company’s logo to announce its new shifts and mastering the fashion game, saw the company distributing its collections to Closet Pdx 2706, NE Sandy Blvd, Portland Oregon, and ENVY, Fox River Mall, Appleton, Wisconsin in the year 2019. 

Understanding the language spoken by consumers is both a technical and business skill any company should have. It is then an undeniable fact that Chocolate Dope Apparel has listened to the words said and unsaid by its loyal customers, thereby leading to a revisit to its core values as a people’s brand to introduce new merchandise, that is encompassing in terms of fashion and soulful in terms of philosophy that allows each consumer to be represented adequately.

Recently, Co-Founder and Marketing Manager, Reginald P-Nice Parham, hinted the brand’s users and followers in an Instagram post that “It is time to get back to the basics, layups, free throws, 10 footers, bounce pass, you know where it all started, Roll Da Dice shit!!” He made it known that Chocolate Dope Apparel had listened to enough tunes by the brand lovers and is now ready to dance to their beats with a touch of class and finesse. “The work you put in is the only thing that matters at the end of the day!!” he added.

Moving forward and making new fashion statements, the company now pans towards street fashion and hip-hop; representing a larger stream of its customer base. A collection of new color schemes for street fashion, new women’s and men’s fall collection, Pop ups, and for new merchandise of Chocolate Dope CBD and THC, all came in the goodie bag of Chocolate Dope Apparel’s re-introduction.

“Dope Sells Itself”, one of the new collections made a grand entrance with varieties like T-Shirts, Tank tops, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, with the inscription conspicuously imprinted on them as a mark of struggle by the Midwest Westcoast, Wisconsin, to join the pool of states that marijuana have been legalized in the United States.

Every ardent follower of the brand on Instagram, would have by now have their appetite wet with the recently released commercials shot by Studio23 that aesthetically showcase the new entrances. To follow up on all updates and activities of the brand, of new collections and new stores, follow the following handles and profiles on social media:

FB: @chocolatedope1

IG: @chocolate.dope @mellow1_cda @pnice1

IG: @studio23films

IG: @closetpdx

Snapchat: chocolatedope1

You can now log on the website and load your cart with amazing collections, from street fashion, fall collections, to new women and men collections; Chocolate Jordan, Racer Back Tank, Sky Dope, Irish Dope, Red Dope Tank, Royal DSI (Dope Sells Itself), Crewneck DSI Burgundy Dark, Camo Dope Pull Over Windbreaker, etc. Join in the crusade to make marijuana a stigma-free merchandise, while identifying with a leading brand like Chocolate Dope Apparel.